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Lowest calorie Hard Seltzer in the world

Vodka Lime Soda

Vodka Lime Soda

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16 cans. Online only. Buy 2+ for FREE delivery

Less than 9 calories per 100ml 

With the least calories in any pre-mix drink in Australia, the What If? Vodka Lime Soda Hard Seltzer is light on the lips and good for the hips (cos they'll be dancing). 

What If? was designed for when you want to have fun today and still feel refreshed tomorrow, whilst maintaining a crisp and light flavour that you can sip on all arvo and into the night. 

Get your hands on the healthiest Hard Seltzer in Australia rn. FREE delivery Australia wide if you order 2+ cubes! 

Can I buy in store?

You can only buy What If? online! Our Hard Seltzers are exclusive to our online store.

How long does delivery take?

Australia wide shipping is 2-8 business days. We ship from Perth, so Perth friends can expect delivery quicker.

What does shipping cost?

For cubes, domestic shipping is a flat $10, or FREE if you buy 2+ cubes. Discounted shipping for taster packs.

What's the nutritional info?

Get excited for guilt-free goodness:

Calories - 34.7

Energy kg/100ml - 138.9

Carbohydrates-Total(g) - 5.9

Sugars (g) - 1.3

Sodium (mg) - 0

3.5% ACL/Vol

0.8 Standard drinks

Gluten free

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
lucien philogene

not bad


clean and crisp. wasn't hungover the next day, will drink again for sure

finally a seltzer i enjoy

tastes amazing!! i don’t usually drink seltzer but i was very pleasantly surprised when i tried what if. would definitely recommend